Cristina Ilinca

Glass artist. Born 1967 in Bucharest, Romania.

I am living, working and dreaming in Romania.

When approaching 40 I started to question myself on the meaning of life in general and the meaning of my life in particular. Although I am still searching the answers for these questions I decided to change my life and I choose to express myself through art. Glass art mainly, still not exclusive.

Presently I am working as independent artist in my own art studio located in the Ion Luca Caragiale village, Dâmbovița county.

Member of Contemporary Glass Society (CGS), UK;
Member of Romanian Artist’s Union.

Graduate (2010) of the Decorative Arts and Design Faculty, ceramic-glass-metal department, UNA Bucharest (National Academy of Arts, Bucharest).
Master degree (1999) of the Political Science Faculty, Political and Administration Studies Academy, Bucharest (SNSPA).
Graduate (1991) of the Romanian Language and Literature Faculty, Bucharest University.

Exhibitions solo:

  • “Miracle of Life”- Romulus Art Gallery, October 2012, Bucharest, Romania.
  • “Flowing/Flißend”- Friedrich Schiller House, February 2013, Bucharest, Romania.

Part in collective exhibitions:

  • “Glass Salon 2019″ – Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 2019;
  • Metamorphose – National Salon “Atitudini Contemporane”,  XI-th Edition,  National Library, Bucharest, Romania, 2018
  • In White/In Black – ARCUB Cultural Centre, Sala Gabroveni,  2018
  • GLASS 30 – the 30th National Glass Salon, anniversary edition Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, Romania,
  • Arts and Crafts Show 2017, Arthus Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2017;
  • 5 T – Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 2017;
  • Transparence, Orizont Gallery, București, 2017;
  • Decorative Art Biennial 2016, „Constantin Brâncuşi” Exhibition Hall, The Parliament Palace, Bucharest, November 2016 , Bucharest, Romania;
  • ”Art in Bucharest 2016”, Amzei Market Art Gallery, September 2016, Bucharest, Romania.
  • „La Bellezza e la Natura”, PROGETTO 2015: “LA NATURA, L’AMBIENTE e IL NOSTRO NUTRIMENTO”, Spazioporpora Gallery, October 2015, Milano, Italy;
  • “La Bellezza e la Natura – 3° Festival delle Arti”, Palazzo Scroffa, September 2015, Ferrara, Italy;
  • Rise – Creating from the Heart– International exhibition”, Sale dell’Imbarcadero, Castello Estense, August 2015, Ferrara, Italy;
  • “Glass Salon 2015”, Orizont Gallery, May 2015, Bucharest, Romania;
  • ”International Glass Art Biennial 2014”, Cultural Community Center, December 2014, Haacht, Belgium;
  • “Souvenir from Bucharest”- ElliteArt Gallery, November 2014-January 2015, Bucharest, Romania;
  • “Continuity in Fire’s Arts” – ArtYourself Gallery, November 2014, Bucharest, Romania;
  •  “Glass Salon 2014”, Simeza Gallery, June, 2014, Bucharest, Romania;
  • “Glass exhibition” – The Bank exhibition centre, May 2014, Eye, Suffolk, U.K. ;
  • ‘Temeiuri Art Salon, the Vth edition, Tree of Life’, „Constantin Brâncuşi” Exhibition Hall, The Parliament Palace, May, 2014, Bucharest, Romania;
  • Decorative Art Salon, the XVth edition, 2014, Cotroceni Palace Museum, November 2014- Feb. 2015, Bucharest, Romania and Düsseldorf, Germany, March-May 2015.
  • Decorative Art Salon, the XIVth edition, 2013, Cotroceni Palace Museum, November 2013- Feb. 2014, Bucharest, Romania and Chisinau, Republic of Moldavia, March-May 2014;
  • Origins – Primordial Music of the Elements” – Arts Salon, IV edition, „Constantin Brâncuşi”, Exhibition Hall, The Parliament Palace, Mai 2013, Bucharest, Romania;
  • Decorative Art Salon, the XIIIth edition, 2012, Cotroceni Palace Museum, November 2012- April 2013, Bucharest, Romania and Chisinau, Republic of Moldavia, May-June 2013;
  • Romullus Art Gallery’s day – Romullus Art Gallery, November, 2012, Bucharest, Romania;
  • Decorative Art Biennial 2012, first edition, „Constantin Brâncuşi” Exhibition Hall, The Parliament Palace, Bucharest, October 2012 , Bucharest, Romania;
  • National Glass Salon exhibitions held in Bucharest, Romania in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015.
  • Arts of the Fire, collective graduating exhibition, Curtea Veche Gallery, Bucharest 2010.